#11 Early days

“It was like how people find other people to be in love with, all random and accidental and lucky.”
― Jennifer Castle, The Beginning of After

In Second Life creating  a place to live with each other and with our friends starts from a flat square  portion of a sim ….

Then there are the dreams and the dreamers ….

Early days 1


Early days 2


My partner Kohn loves to terraform – making areas of land and water for us to pile and festoon with treasures from our inventories – or new things we go and hunt for.

I like to find a bit of ‘still’ ground while he does the terraforming – because it makes me seasick (which is odd because being on the sea has never ever made me sick). My sleeping companion is my adorable wee Yorkshire terrier- Toasty – who is cunningly scripted to do many doglike  things. When set free he races about – usually keeping me in sight – and then randomly flops down on his back or side and snores heartily for several minutes.

I just happen to be wearing a comfortable and casual outfit  – and thank heavens heels don’t sink in SL sand – a soft jumper top from Cold Logic, comfy capris from Zaara and boots from Maitreya.

Kohn has collected off sim islands, rocks and even an erupting volcano to extend the borders of our square….

Early days 3

What do you think of the effect?


Yorkshire terrier

Off Sim rocks
::2Xtreme:: offsim volcano v2 by tunes Meness
OUtside Sim_Reef_d *mountain , and Mountain_5, and Reef_f all by Tobias Novi
The Beachstore Waterfall Edge Island by Maxx Farella
24Prim Mesh Outsim Waterfall by FelixvonKotwitz Alter

Clawtooth: hang it Up – Break of Dawn by Bubbles Clawtooth
ColdLogic top – Watts Toffee by Cold Logic
Maitreya Gold *Oil* Laud Boots by Onyx LeShelle
Zaara: [mesh] kavya summer pants *ivory by Zaara Kohime



Author: Memory

Active in SecondLife as a fairy and a human since 2007 - I have finally decided to join the blogosphere. Runway Shows, Print and Instore modeling with Customer Service experience, Show photography. ☀ Marquesse Events 2015 ☀ Models Giving back 2014 ☀ Ever Dream Modelling Agency 2014 ☀ MIM - Models in Motion 2013 ☀ Opium Evolution Model 2013 ☀ Inworld Model for Bali Fashion Week 2012 ☀ Rainbow Kids Productions 2012- 2013 ☀ Mohna Lisa Couture's Most Luscious ~ Model 2011 - Top Model 2012 - 2015 ☀ Amici Model 2012 ☀ Winner Miss Le Charme May 2012 * ☀ Loveli Model - 2011 - 2012 ☀ ☀ House of Beningborough Model 2011 ☀ ☀ Gems & Kisses Royal Princess 2011 ☀ ☀ SemiFinalist in Face Of Beningborough 2011 & Winter Princess 2011☀ ☀ 3rd place in Morgane's Poser of the Year 2011☀ ❦ Training ☀ Regal Academy - Advanced Model Graduate 2016 ☀ Opium Elite Fashion Academy Advanced 2013 ☀ ☀*~Amici Modeling Agency & Academy~* Graduate 2012􀀁 ☀ MISS VIRTUAL ♛WORLD Academy Graduate 2011 ☀ Diversity Models 2008 ❦ Runway Contests and Shows ☀Marquesse events 2015, 2016 - Let's Summer, Whispers of the Night, Tea Party and Witches Wear Prada ☀ Rock Your Rack 2015 & 2016 ☀ Fashion For Change Shows Feb 2015 ☀ Hunger games part 1 - Opium - August 2014 ☀ Tiny Footprints Show Nov 2014 for MGB ☀ Ever Dream Mermaid Show June 2014 ☀ RYR 2014 several shows with Models Giving Back ☀ Opium Elite Graduation show for Advanced and Elite graduates 2013 ☀ Amici Academy and Agency Graduation Show August 2012 ☀ Rainbow Kids Productions Back to School Show August 2012 ☀ Rainbow Kids Productions Fantasy Show April 2012 ☀ Feed a Smile Serengeti Show - Sept 2011 ☀ Circle of Life Extravaganza - Oct 2011 ☀ UNITED Stylecard - July 2011 ☀ ModelX 2009/2010 ☀ Diversity Models ❦ Show Photography * AIM Shows various 2016 * Rock Your Rack 2014, 2015 & 2016 * Fashion For Change Massoom Show Feb 2015 * DE Boutique show Jan 2015 * La Performance 2013, 2014, 2015 Flickr and Blog links: Memory's blog: https://memfairy.wordpress.com/ Memory's flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/memorys-memory/ MGB Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/2086994@N20/

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